You can expect your energy bills to be more than expected if you do not use a Thermostat with your heating and cooling home comfort appliances. Did you know that Thermostats help save up to 15% on energy bills by turning the appliances off and on or tuning them to high or low temperature as per the outside temperature suggest? The past one decade has been quite interesting. HVAC technologies have seen a massive change and advancement as the zoning system, carbon monoxide detectors and Smart Thermostats have been introduced. Life has become much more easier than before. With special reference to the Programmable Thermostats, homeowners that use this technology in the right way are able to save up to 15% or more on the energy bills. Although the users of such Thermostats across Canada are in thousands, it is unfortunate that not even half of them know the proper use of Programmable/Smart Thermostats and thus despite installing the device, continue to have fatty energy bills. Here we mention ways to program the Thermostat accurately in order to enjoy its full benefits.


Thermostat - Which one to choose?
Depending upon your individual needs, the type of thermostat you should buy would be different. Different type of Programmable Thermostats offers different programming options. Check out the options below.:

7-day Programming Thermostat
Families with abrupt routines can find this Thermostat to be the best since it allows different programming for every single day of the week. Usually, the price range of such Thermostats is between $55-$125. If you're looking for different scheduling for every single day, go for 7-day programming Thermostat.

5-1-1 Programming Thermostat
As the name indicates, 5 is for 5 days (working days) of the week while 1-1 is for Saturday and Sunday. Such type of Thermostats allow one programming for the working days while two different programming options for Saturdays and Sundays. If your routine remains the same throughout the week but changes on the weekends, it is suitable for you to choose this one. Average price range for this Thermostats is $35-$78

5-2 Programming Thermostat
This type of Thermostat allows one programming schedule for the entire week while a different programming for Saturdays and Sundays

1 Week Programming
1-week Programming Thermostats offer one schedule for the entire week option. Although they are less likely to save the same amount of energy but nonetheless help save. Also, how efficient does a Thermostat perform depends on how it is being used. Remember installing a Thermostat is not enough. You should know the proper use as well.

Here's how to program a Programmable Thermostat the right way
The Thermostats are usually set on an auto setting keeping in consideration the routine of a typical family but you never know what kind of typical family. So it is important to adjust it according to your own schedules and needs. A Programmable Thermostat usually has the following options:

  • Wake Time
  • Sleep Time
  • Leave Time
  • Return Time

Department of energy suggests the following settings in order to make the most savings:
Save Energy in Winters like this:  
For the Winter month,
  • Program the Thermostat at 68 degrees F for the time when you're home and are awake.
  • Lower this temperature of 68 degrees by 10-15 degrees when you're asleep or away from house.

Save Energy In Summers like this
The suggestions for Summers in order to save energy go as:
  • When you're at home, program the Thermostat at 78 degrees F
  • Program the Air Conditioner to completely shut off when you're out of the house
  • Program your Thermostat to turn off the AC 20-30 minutes before you leave home
  • Go reverse, set the Thermostat to turn the Air Conditioning on 20-30 minutes before you return home
  • Set the Thermostat to reduce the cooling almost an hour before you go to sleep
  • Set the Thermostat to increase cooling half an hour before you wake up

It is a good practice to play around with your Thermostat, changing setting for a whole week and figure out which one works best for you. But never forget to program your Thermostat after installing it.

Happy venture with Programmable Thermostats

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