What to do when AC does not turn on?

It is not wrong to say that we heavily rely on Air Conditioners to beat the heat and when we have an infant or elderly at home, it becomes essential to have fully functional AC for their overall health and wellbeing.

Firstly, the Air conditioner should not be taken for granted because when it breaks down, we can’t keep the serenity and straightly get mad. Before you fret, it’s better to assess the problem and identify the real reason behind this trouble. However, it sometimes gets difficult to figure out the exact issue – especially when AC has not been timely serviced.

The most common reasons AC won’t turn on

It’s common for homeowners to experience a problem with their ac unit occasionally. Before you rush to avail the services of an HVAC technician, follow the steps outlined below to identify and solve the problem.

Faulty motors:

Have you heard the unusual sounds before the unit stopped working altogether? If yes, then it is more likely the issue lies on the motor. To be surer, do a capacitor test to find out whether the problem is actually with the motor or not.

Faulty compressors:

The defective or broken compressor often makes the air conditioner to shut down. Timely cleaning and maintenance can go a long way to help prevent these problems.

The thermostat needs to be replaced:

A broken or outdated thermostat that either needs a battery or has some other technical fault can immediately stop the ac from turning on. If you have the basic knowledge for HVAC, you can conveniently identify the issue by yourself or go through the various settings of the Thermostat to make sure it works properly.

Dirty condenser lines:

Condenser lines that have mold, algae grown-up can sometimes be a reason for the air conditioner's sudden breakdown. The AC condenser unit is generally outside the home, and you can clean all the mess inside with white vinegar.

The fuse is not working:

You can do a continuity test with a multimeter to find out whether the fuse is working correctly or not. If you hear no beep in the multimeter, then the reason behind AC not turning is: “blown fuse”.

Tripped circuit breaker:

When there is a massive electricity overload, it is very likely for the circuit breaker to trip and interrupt the power flowing. The reason behind breakers tripping can be using too many appliances at the same time or having outdated equipment that consumes more electricity. 

Replace or repair the unit:

AC problems are frustrating and even worse when the AC does not turn on altogether. Generally, modern Air Conditioners have a life expectancy up to 15-20 years. However, timely maintenance can extend the useful life to a significant extent. It is best to replace the 12 years old unit with a more cost-effective unit. If the Ac is not that old and repair does not cost you more than 50% of the overall value of the unit, then better go for repair.