A DIY guide for fixing iced up Air Conditioner

Whether you're using a Central Air Conditioner, a Split system or a window unit, AC icing up is a scenario that you must have faced if you're already using Air Conditioner for several years. Although this is a frustrating situation and often puts a homeowner in the worries of whether it is time for him to replace his system, it is not a difficult to fix the problem and neither a one that necessarily requires a professional's help. In this blog, we are going to help you find you why your Air Conditioner freezes up and what you can do when that happens. 

Insufficient Air Flow

Air Conditioners work on the principle of throwing inner heat out on the evaporator coil and then bringing the cool air back. But when the Air Conditioner fails to evacuate indoor heat, the evaporator coil doesn't get sufficient heat to keep going with normal operation and instead freezes up as a protest. Well yeah! 

Low refrigerant = Icing up

The refrigerant used in Air Conditioners is usually Freon which is a gas. During operation as the gas expands, the cooling effect is produced. When there's only a limited amount of gas left and the pressure/temperature settings are the same, the gas expands to create an overly cool temperature. As a result, all the moisture/dampness around the evaporator coil turns into ice causing icing.

Temperature changes

Many times, the reason behind AC icing up is the change in the outdoor temperatures. As the temperature drops, the pressure in the unit drops which result in icing up.

Mechanical failures and icing up

Among the most common reasons comes the mechanical failure issues. Blocked air filters, twisted or torn refrigerant lines, improper blower fan operation, all of these have the tendency to cause icing up of the AC unit.

Solutions for fixing iced up AC unit

Let's now talk about some solution to fixing the iced up Air Conditioner unit.

- Clogged Filters as we mentioned above become the reason for causing icing. Check the AC's air filter for blockage. Consider using good quality filters that are also compatible with the system you have and change them at least after 3 months.

- The evaporator coil needs to have a smooth air flow through it. As it gets dirty, there's a blockage of airflow and this results in icing. Make sure the evaporator coils are clean

- A dirty ductwork restricts the air flow and causes the same consequences as the blocked filter does. The air flow restricts and therefore, icing is caused at the outdoor unit

Final word

Keeping appliances maintained is a good way to keep unexpected sudden repairs at par. Nonetheless, HVAC situations like AC icing up, insufficient cooling, AC shut off and similar issues are common and can be faced even by people who do keep their appliances maintained so it is good to keep yourself equipped with the necessary knowledge of their why's and how's.
We hope this blog helped you learn the basics of AC iced up scenario.