Explore Honeywell's Lyric Smart Thermostat

Technology is improving and improving our lives as well. There was once that time when Thermostats were manual and mercury filled; a manual feature requiring human interference all the time and mercury filling dangerous for the environment when the unit was disposed of. With advancement came the Programmable Thermostats. This advancement to the Programmable Thermostats further led to an improved programmable technology which is now prevalent with the name of Smart Thermostats. Today, we'll learn about Honeywell Lyric Thermostat, its features, compatibility, cost and how it will change the comfort level for you and your family.

Honeywell's Lyric Smart Thermostat Features

Honeywell always comes with innovation and creativity together. This unit is a perfect demonstration of this Honeywell's practice.
- Unlike in the past, people today are using additional HVAC accessories like Air Purifiers, Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, HRV systems others. It is important that the home's Thermostat is able to communicate with all of these units as well. And here comes Honeywell with this Lyric Smart Thermostat. This model is compatible with all the above-mentioned HVAC systems and HVAC accessories. Which means you can enjoy an unusually escalated level of comfort.

- The motion sensor in the Thermostat illuminates it as it senses you approaching it which is a cool feature in itself. Also, since there is no plate that has to be opened and closed, the user interface is friendly and easy to use.

- The unit is connected with the internet which enables it to forecast the weather. The forecasting that the Lyric unit offers is 6-8 hours

- Event-based scheduling can be opt for quick modification of settings

- The feature of ''Smart Cues'' is yet another great feature. This reminds homeowners of necessary system changes; filter change, maintenance etc

- Many programmable and non-programmable Thermostats do not measure the indoor humidity. This hinders a perfect comfort in the indoor. Honeywell Lyric Thermostat, unlike other thermostats, also measure humidity and maintains the temperature accordingly. The perfect recipe for comfort! O yo!

- Access Compatibility 

This unit can be accessed via Smart Phones. Relevant IOS and Android apps are available while other smart hubs can also be used. Wifi, a smartphone and there you go! Control your indoor temperature from anywhere. Anywhere in the world.   

- Cost of Honeywell Lyric Thermostat 

The cost varies from contractor to contractor. Usually, the market selling price of the Lyric unit is somewhere around $250-$270. This may reduce over time with the introduction of better technology thermostats.

Should you install a Honeywell Lyric Smart Thermostat? 

Yes! There are convincing reasons to upgrade to a Smart Thermostat system. If you are still using an old programmable model of Thermostats, you have no realization of how much energy you could save and ultimately save yourself from hefty energy bills, frequent appliance repairs and above all, deteriorated comfort.
So yes! Make this winter a time of control and comfort. Upgrade to a Honeywell Smart Thermostat and start enjoying a heavenly comfort onwards.
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5 Quick Furnace Fixes

On a cold winter night, what if your Furnace fails to suffice for your heating needs and you have no other heating alternative as well? And what if there's no service in your vicinity which could be called? Sounds like a scary thought but factually speaking, a lot of homeowners have to go through this or a similar situation in winter. And then the only option they are left with is to spend an absolutely horrible and uncomfortable night. But we won't let this happen to you. This blog will highlight some of the common Furnace problems and some quick fixes that homeowners can try in case of emergency.

- The furnace is not heating home - Fix it!

If Furnace is not heating the home, what else is it heating? Hmmm, maybe the circuit breaker. This situation can occur because of multiple reasons out of which the most common is that the circuit breaker had tripped, fused or blown away. So what can you do about it?  For that, reset your circuit breaker and to do that, switch if off and then on. Be sure to do it only once and switch the button off and then turn it back on. Strictly as directed!

- The furnace is producing insufficient heat - Fix it! 

In the cases when Furnace is producing heat but not sufficient, the most probable cause is the dirty filters that are not allowing the air to easily flow through them resulting in a reduced supply of warm air. For that, do this:
Well you know what to do, let's talk about the next fix.

- Electric Furnace is not igniting - Fix it! 

So the Furnace this time may be causing this trouble of not igniting at all. Troubleshoot this by switching the power off. Then turn the power on. This resetting of the electric supply is most probable to ignite the Furnace back again. If this does not work out, disconnect all power and gas supplies and reach out to the ignitor to inspect it. Broken or cracked? Well, this is something that needs replacement and a professional can do it. So this time, try no DIY.

- Gas Furnace is not starting - Fix it!

After a long break, when the heating system is brought into use again, there are a number of problems that show up one of which is a (gas) Furnace that does not start. When this happens, you need to ensure that the gas supply line is open. Also, if a gas boiler/water heater is used at home, check out whether or not that is operating. If that is operating but Furnace is not, follow the gas line all the way to the Furnace and inspect thoroughly if there's something obstructing the supply. No resolve?
Well, now call a professional!

- Burning odours - Fix it! 

Whether such a smell is coming from outside the unit or from the inside, immediately do two things;
- Firstly, turn off all power and gas supplies to the unit. Also turn off the main power and gas supply of the home
- Make sure you go to a safer location at home or leave the home altogether
This precautionary measure is because the burning smells from the Furnace could mean a CO leak or a propane, natural gas leak. Any such leaks have the potential to bring serious consequences that may be fire, CO poisoning or similar. So take refuge!