5 HVAC things to be grateful this Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving eve for Canadians is around the clock. While most people pass this day just as other days considering it of no prime importance, there are others that start reflecting on the importance of the day and the reasons they should be grateful for well before the Thanksgiving day. Whatever the history of Thanksgiving is, what needs to be understood is that it is now celebrated as a day to reflect upon the blessings and be grateful for them. Research says that grateful people are the happiest people, not because they have everything but because they realise the importance of whatever they have. And this Thanksgiving, we want to divert your attention towards the HVAC blessings that you have but have never really felt thankful for them. Let's begin.


- Have an Air Conditioner? Be grateful!
Surveys say that more than 90% of Americans have Air Conditioned homes. But how many do you think would actually have been grateful for the marvel of air conditioning that they enjoy when it is scorching hot outside and they are there in their cosy homes? It is your time to add the blessing of Air Conditioning among the things you'll exclusively be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

- Breathing Clean Air? Be grateful!
While the industrial revolution has provided us with numerous time-saving and life-saving devices, the wrongs that it has done are also numerous, environmental pollution being one. It is becoming harder and harder to be able to breathe fresh and healthy air, particularly when living in the metropolis. Although making the outdoor air clean is difficult, the indoor air can be cleaned using the Air Cleaners. There are a large number of Canadian homeowners that are suffering from different airborne diseases primarily because they couldn't get clean enough air or couldn't afford to have a system for cleaning the air they'd breathed. If you've an Air Cleaner installed at home, reflect on the blessing and be as grateful as you can for being able to breathe fresh and healthy air anytime you want.
Added to the list? Let's move on.

- Have an insulated home? Be grateful!
While we are talking about all things HVAC, let us not forget home insulation. Ever pondered that the Insulation you are able to afford keeps you warm in Winters and cool in the Summers and when so many people out there have to bear the severity of weathers, all seasons for you are alike due to the comfort the home insulation provides. Take this blessing to the blessing counter and don't forget to be grateful this Thanksgiving for having a home that is also well insulated.  

- Own a high-efficiency Furnace? Be grateful!
Fall will be followed by Winter and before you start using your Residential Furnace for warming you up, let us have some moments to contemplate how would spending Winters of Canada be without any heating element? Unbearable indeed! And some people do have to face the intensity of the Winter by either burning wood or covering themselves with old clothes. If you've a high-efficiency Furnace that never lets your home go out of the zone of comfort, you're among those that are enjoying a wonderful blessing. This Thanksgiving, don't forget to be grateful for your Furnace.

- Enjoy hot water in Winters? Be grateful!
Thanksgiving is celebrated in October in Canada. That is the time when cold breezes begin to blow and the feels of the upcoming Winter get intense. Since we are discussing the home comfort heating and cooling things you should count on this Thanksgiving, we are focusing on the ones that you'll be reminded of in the season following the Fall. While you probably never have pondered over how big the blessing of hot water in Winters is, imagine yourself opening your faucet one coldest morning of Winter and finding blood freezing cold water coming out of it. Extend this unease further imagining you don’t get hot water anyway for several days. Thinking of the unavailability of these things gives a strong shiver down the spine but unfortunately, we are the ones that are not grateful for the blessing even when they are there.

So not only on the Thanksgiving eve, every time your faucet opens up with warm water, let your heart thank for the blessing.
Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving day. May you celebrate and learn to be grateful always.