Carbon Monoxide Alarms save lives

Carbon Monoxide Alarms save lives

Carbon monoxide is a colourless, unscented, and tasteless poisonous gas. Because of Carbon Monoxide poisoning many homeowners has lost their lives in recent past, and most of incidents happened when the homeowners were sleeping.Soon it will be legal to have Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms installed in every home where there are fuel-burning appliances, or heating systems, fireplaces, or attached garages because it helps to save lives.

What are the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning?

You can’t see or smell when carbon monoxide levels rise in your home but there are warning
signs. It reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood. Symptoms include:

• headaches,

• nausea,

• dizziness,

• weakness,

• vomiting,

• chest pain,

• confusion,

• sleepiness/exhaustion,

• burning eyes,

• loss of consciousness and

• loss of coordination.

If the Carbon Monoxide detector in your home noises or you suspects revelation, leave the
building immediately and call 911. An immediate medical attention is needed to those who are experiencing symptoms.


Buy a Tankless Water Heater

Buy a Tankless Water Heater

How to Make a Decision Between Hot Water Tank and a Tankless Water Heater

If it is a time to replace your old water heater, you may be thinking whether to go for

conventional water tank or choose a tankless water heater. Both units comprise their

own advantages and the best choice will depend upon the need of your home, your

everyday life and your priorities.

Tankless Water Heater

The tankless water heater saves your money on energy costs because the unit only

heats when it is required to you. Though, the purchase price of tankless water heater

could be higher than purchasing a conventional water tank, especially when your home

is not layout for tankless water heater.

Upgrading to a tankless water heater can possibly be the correct option for you if:

• It’s about the monthly bills.

• You plan to stay in your home for the foreseeable future.

• You work all day and/or travel frequently.

• You’ve had too many cold showers.

• Reclaiming space is important.

• You’re prepared to provide proper maintenance.

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. only installs models that have proven themselves

in the market and have good reputation.

Conventional Hot Water Tank

Conventional Hot Water Tank stores water fiery to heat around the clock, whether you

use it or not it will consume more energy, but are less expensive to purchase.

A conventional water tank can possibly be correct option for you if:

• Your budget is very tight.

• You will not be staying in your home long term.

• You’re home frequently during the day.

• Your family is smaller.

• Size doesn’t matter.

If you are still not sure about the best option for your home contact Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. water heater professional today at 905-822-9375.


Red Tag Furnace

                                  Red Tag Furnace

Red Tag Furnace is a worst scenario in which no homeowner wants to be ever, especially in cold winter days. Keeping your furnace ideally tuned up by seasonal maintenance will help your furnace to be in perfect working condition. If furnace is “Red Tagged” it means that the system is essentially condemned, no longer able to operate safely. It’s mandatory for a certified HVAC technician or inspector to shut the system down due to carbon monoxide hazards. Heat exchanger is the main component of GAS Fired Forced Air Furnace. 

If heat exchanger get cracked it starts mixing carbon monoxide with air that’s delivered into the home’s living space, and putting you and your family in danger because of gas leak there is no assurance of safe venting operation. If your furnace is recently got “Red Tagged” then you may need a second opinion, At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services we have well trained NATE certified Gas Technicians who will inspect your furnace and let you know the true statement of your furnace  For more information about Red Tagged Furnace, Call us now on 905-822-9375.