Carbon Monoxide Alarms save lives

Carbon monoxide is a colourless, unscented, and tasteless poisonous gas. Because of Carbon Monoxide poisoning many homeowners has lost their lives in recent past, and most of incidents happened when the homeowners were sleeping.Soon it will be legal to have Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms installed in every home where there are fuel-burning appliances, or heating systems, fireplaces, or attached garages because it helps to save lives.

What are the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning?

You can’t see or smell when carbon monoxide levels rise in your home but there are warning
signs. It reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood. Symptoms include:

• headaches,

• nausea,

• dizziness,

• weakness,

• vomiting,

• chest pain,

• confusion,

• sleepiness/exhaustion,

• burning eyes,

• loss of consciousness and

• loss of coordination.

If the Carbon Monoxide detector in your home noises or you suspects revelation, leave the
building immediately and call 911. An immediate medical attention is needed to those who are experiencing symptoms.

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