Top 5 Air Conditioner Problems and their solutions

Air Conditioners are our dearest friends when it comes to Summers in the indoors but we all know, many times it is our friends that put us in troubled water. And Air Conditioners fall true on this attribute of a friend and friendship. While they help comfort us, they also do not forget to create discomfort by posing issues that result in high energy bills, system inefficiency, system noises and others. HVAC technicians get extremely busy during the peak Summer season and it is difficult to have them at the earliest possible (which is what we do want) when there's an HVAC emergency. It is, therefore, always good to keep oneself ready for such situations forehand so as to be able to cope with them performing the right methods.
Here we're discussing 5 common Air Conditioner problems and their solutions.

AC Problems

1. Air Conditioner Short Cycles

The cycles goes like;
- Air Conditioner begins cooling the home
- It cools the home according to the temperature set on Thermostat
- It trips
- It begins cooling again as the temperature rises again
Short Cycling refers to your system tripping without providing the desired cooling.
The cause of this problem lies in a malfunctioning Thermostat, poor wiring or a poorly calibrated Thermostat. Resolve the issue by resetting the Thermostat, making sure its batteries and wiring are fine and changing the location if it is installed at an improper location. If thermostat troubleshooting doesn't work, try consulting a professional to have the system diagnosed asap since short cycling results in super fatty bills and may also cause a system break down.

2. Air Conditioner Thermostat (Touch Screen) not working

There are several benefits that the Touch Screen Thermostats have over the conventional Thermostats but nonetheless, everything comes with its own pros and cons. Some people have a real hard time with touch screens. The most commonly reported problem is that the touch screen stops working partially or completely.
Before jumping on to the solution, know the reason. The screen stops working either due to a damaged or dirty screen, battery problems or because of a software problem. While the software problem requires a professional help, try out other solutions as it is not necessary that your Thermostat has a software problem. Change batteries and clean the screen using a soft fibre cloth. Touch now! Did that work? Congratulation if yes. If no, call a professional to fix the software issue.
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3. Compressor Noises

Here's another most commonly reported problem; a noisy compressor that often times raises safety concerns among homeowners. A compressor can begin to make a rattling, banging, hissing, humming, rumbling or other sounds depending on different reasons. A hissing sound is mainly due to a refrigerant leak, a banging sound due to something stuck in the compressor, a rattling sounds due to loose parts and other similar or different noises due to high or low air pressure and faulty Thermostat.
There's no harm in quickly checking your system for all the above-mentioned possibilities but do not try anything the consequences of which you're not aware of. For example, homeowners sometimes try to remove a stuck object from the compressor and end up damaging the fan blades. We recommend calling a professional for things related to the compressor that are beyond your fixing ability.

4. AC fails to cool

Short-cycling is one thing and cooling failure another. Sometimes, the system despite being turned on for hours fail to cool the home.
The causes of cooling failure are; dirty filter (huf! you already knew that), duct leaks, non-sealed home or faulty home insulation. Begin the DIY by closing all doors and windows properly, cleaning the filters and checking the ductwork for any leaks. If the problem persists, choose to rely on a professional.
Please note that sometimes, Air Conditioners fail to cool properly because of the unusually hot temperature. If it is a hot day and your system otherwise works fine, there's nothing to worry about. The system will resume efficiency as the outdoor temperature drops a little.

5. AC needs continuous repairs

Homeowners are often found complaining about their Air Conditioning systems that are sick throughout the Summer. Here they have a repair and there another repair need arises.    
It is sad to discuss but the truth remains the truth whatsoever. Among other reasons, the commonly known real reason of why your system is needing continuous repairs is your own service technician. Service companies often use the strategy of leaving loopholes in systems so that they're called again and this is how they break your bank. Consider changing your HVAC technician if you're doubtful about the service.
However, this is not the only possible reason. Other reasons include;
- Old system
- Lack of maintenance
- Improper unit size
Fix the problem by replacing your unit if it is already older than 15 years. Else, become regular about HVAC maintenance.

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