Ideal Thermostat settings to save BIG!

You could be having the most efficient Thermostat unit and still be paying high energy bills because of having improper Thermostat settings. Keep in mind that no matter how much automation a device can perform, it would still require your interference in order to perform with optimal efficiency. With special reference to Thermostats, it has been reported by Energy Star that homeowners pay up to $2,000 annually in excess as a result of using appliances and gadgets with the wrong settings. It is estimated that up to $180 can be saved annually just by following some energy efficient thermostat settings. And that's a great deal of saving, isn't it? With $180, you could have a good pair of shoes, a stylish new handbag or a beautiful Valentine's gift. So, let us help you learn how to make those annual savings.

But before we begin, understand the fact that different homeowners have different bodily needs. Some people may be needing more warmth and other less or vice versa. An ideal Thermostat setting, however, keeps almost everyone within the zone of comfort. While these settings may be altered when people with special needs are at home, they should be followed precisely for the vacations and everyday outdoor hours; office, shopping etc. Every single day will count and at the end of the 365 days, the energy saving will result in saving you the dollars that you could enjoy elsewhere. Eureka! 

Ideal Thermostat settings for winters

Here's a common mistake that homeowners make in winter. As it gets extremely cold outside, the common sense says thermostat settings should be set at the highest possible limit. Doing so takes a whole lot of energy and keeps the system burdened with a constant operation. While in reality, home can be kept comfortably warm with moderate settings. And what are those moderate settings?

In winters, the best temperature to set when you are at home is 68-degree Fahrenheit. When away, reduce the temperature by 10-15 degrees. This can save you on bills as the change of 10-15 degrees in temperature for a period of around eight hours is sure to drop your annual bills by 10%. Remember the shoes and bags and Valentine's gift idea? ;)

While you are learning the ideal Thermostat settings, here's one more thing that we want you to learn;
Beware to not lower the temperature below 40-degree Fahrenheit if you've plants and pets at home. Moreover, the drain and sewer pipes may burst as a result of low indoor temperature. In case of plant and pets, don't go below 50 degrees. To protect the interior and pipes etc, don't reduce the temperature below 40 degrees. 

Ideal Thermostat settings for Summer

Summers are beautiful, aren't they? But they do have the potential to bring you some real shocks in the form of hefty energy bills. Here's what the ideal settings should be to save you from those shocks.
Set the Thermostat at 78 degrees Fahrenheit (26C) when the home is occupied. You can keep the temperature at 76-F too and go a little more than 78-F. The warmer you home would be, the slowly the outdoor heat will penetrate in. 76-F or above!

So the next time you analyse your annual bills, you'll be excited to see the savings you made with these little energy efficient practices of setting your Thermostat the right way. Happy savings!


Air Purifier Maintenance Tips

In these times of extremely high level of pollution, Air Purifiers are no less than a blessing as they provide us with a healthy and fresh indoor air and ultimately save us from all those problems that are associated with polluted air. Throughout Canada, the use of Air Purifying appliances has significantly increased in the recent years owing to the rising levels of pollution as said above. While the home comfort appliances are meant to comfort us, there come times when the very appliances meant for comfort begin to cause discomfort. And one major reason of why this happens is; lack of maintenance. The lack of maintenance of any appliance whatever type it is of, does not only contribute to decreasing its efficiency graph, it also makes it harmful and in some cases life-threatening; for instance, an unmaintained, dirty ductwork makes the indoor dusty and stale while a totally unmaintained Furnace can cause fire. Homeowners often ignore the importance of maintenance and this is true for an appliance like the Air Purifier as well. Interestingly, it is overlooked that the appliance meant to clean your air itself needs cleaning as well. And the maintenance of an Air Purifier doesn’t end at cleaning. There are other must to do’s when it comes to the maintenance of Air Purifiers. Here are some tips regarding that;

Air Purifier Maintenance Tips
Tip#1 Cares to take while Cleaning Filters
There are several different types of Air Purifiers. Some have a replaceable filter as the primary filter and others that have a replaceable outer filter and an irreplaceable inner filter. Whatever, the type you are using, it does need some kind of filter cleaning & cleaning and washing is recommended once a week or once every 15 days at least. In time cleaning keeps the unit efficient and protects it from additional load. But as you are cleaning the filters, make sure to not use chemicals that can harm the filter material (the filter instruction booklet has the details regarding the right method of cleaning and the suitable cleaners). Also, once you are done with washing, do not place the filters back while they are still wet and with the unit turned on. Let the filters get dried first. In addition to this, make sure to not bend or fold the rigid or semi-rigid filters as they might deform.

Tip#2 Care regarding unit replacement
It is possible that you might think of replacing your unit when you’re performing maintenance tasks. But this requires a careful decision as well. Placing the unit at an unsuitable place means devoiding it of the necessary environment that it needs for optimal performance. It is best to place/install the unit in a closed room that is well sealed as the exchange rate is higher in this case and prompt provision of super clean air can be made possible.

Tip#3 Clean the area around the Purifier
Piles of books, store room junk, bundles of clothes or any such unnecessary items that we unintentionally throw over or around the HVAC appliances affect their efficiency. As you perform maintenance, make sure that the area around the Purifier is clean and it has sufficient space to breathe in and out the air. At least one feet of clear area should be provided to the unit.

Tip#4 Consider grills and panels
As said above, the Air Purifier maintenance is not limited to the Filter cleaning; there are other parts that matter as well. Dust or other pollutants often build up in and around the grills and panels. After turning the power plug off, clean these areas with a dry cloth or a duster.

Tips#5 Remove dust containing things from around the purifier
The purpose of Air Purifier is to provide you and the other living beings in the indoors with healthy air. And it can do its job best when it is not overloaded with unnecessary dust and pollutants. If you see dust bunnies around the unit or any other things that contain or cause dust, either replace them or the air purifier in order to get ultimate performance.

Although the said tips appear to be ordinary practices, they can make a significant change in both providing you with a fresher indoor air while also providing your unit with a better efficiency.

If you are interested in purchasing Air Purifiers, wish to install one or planning to replace the older unit, we are always here to help you with your HVAC queries and needs. Call anytime; 1-855-245-4328