Easy way to solve water leaking from a mini Split AC

It is indeed a frustrating situation when your indoor unit of mini-split Air Conditioner system starts leaking. This is because the inside wall unit has a coil that aims to pull moisture from the air as it cools. When the drain pipe gets clogged with the dust; it makes condensation to drip down and far away from the unit. The issue not just affects the home comfort but leads to water damage that no homeowner wants to deal with!

Luckily the problem can be solved with a little HVAC know-how. Read on to learn the basic steps to get out of this problem.

What causes leaking from the mini-split system

Out of many reasons for mini split AC leaking, the most common is blockage in the drainage pipe. The dust that has accumulated in the condensation tray, blocks the right direction of water, therefore, causing water winding up on the floor. 

Item needed- Screwdriver
- Electrical tape
- Bucket
- Vacuum 

You can unclog the drainage in your pipe with seven simple steps! Luckily, the process is easy to execute and falls under the do-it-yourself category. 

1. Turn the air conditioner off: Before doing anything, make sure the AC unit is turned off.

2. Remove the AC filters
Remove the filters by simply opening the front panel. If you see any debris, it is good to clean it right away either with a vacuum or a wet cloth.

3. Remove plastic cover
Remove the front panel by removing screws with head screwdriver. Once you safely take it off, keep the plastic cover in a safe area.

4. Access the drainage pipe
You can see two AC snaps inside the AC unit! When you press them simultaneously, it will lift the bottom up, and you can access drainage pipe. This drainage pipe is more likely to be sealed with the grip tape.

5. Drain the pipes
The next step is more crucial, take off the joint that holds drainage pipe standing! But before grabbing the bucket to catch all excess water. Allow both sides of the pipe to drain completely.

6. Remove the excess duct
Once the pipe has completely drained, make sure to clean the extra dust with the hose of a vacuum. Since the debris will be wet so use wet vacuum to remove the particles. 

7. Reattach the drainpipe with electrical tapAt this point, the job is almost done. Just reseal the joints with the help of electrical tape. Reattach the front panel and air filters and turn on the AC and test for water leaks. 
Besides a drain pipe leakage, there can be some other issues like excess dirt in system, kinked hoses, burnt drain pipe, the tubing within the AC not having the right size etc.

The above is the easiest way to fix the mini AC split system water leaks. Solving the problem isn’t a big trick yet if you lack the necessary knowledge or if in doubt, call a professional!
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