Signs that your Boiler is failing

Although a majority of Toronto homeowners use Residential Furnace for the purpose of indoor heating, there are many that still love the Boiler for the benefits that it serves. Different homes have different needs and different people have different budgets. Homeowners can decide best with the help of an HVAC professional what would be most suitable while at the same time economical for them. But there's no denying the fact that Boilers are an effective system for the purpose of indoor heating keeping in view their particular feature with which they help kill two birds with one arrow; provide indoor heating and also provide water heating facility. There's one more, guess what? Since Boilers make use of steam to warm the indoor air, the steam also suffices for the scarcity of humidity in the Winters. So they serve three purposes which is cool! (Hot at the same time ;))

If you're a Boiler user, you must by now, be pleased for making this wise choice. You are indeed a wise homeowner but did you know who are the wisest homeowners? Those who not only make the right choices when it comes to HVAC appliances but also keep them maintained and keep themselves aware of the warning signs they give when it is time for them to have a repair or replacement. In order to make you one such wisest homeowner, here is our piece of service. Learn these warning signs that indicate your Boiler is about to say goodbye to you;

- Before you could look for any other signs, the biggest sign is the age itself. The average lifetime of a Boiler is 15 years approximately. If your unit has reached or surpassed this age, it's the time it is beginning to degenerate so before it says goodbye to you, it would be wise of you to take the lead and plan a wise replacement

- One of the indications of an appliance's inefficiency is that it raises the graph of your energy bills. So if your Boiler has started to suck more energy than it used to for the same usage, it is a clear sign the unit is failing

- When a unit begins to fail, it is the controls that fail at first. Another clear indication of a Boiler unit failing is that it fails to warm the air equally consequently causing discomfort. There are hot and cold zones in the home which show the control unit of the Boiler is facing issues

- Leaks do not always indicate a unit failing but they do indicate so when the unit is old enough or a regular maintenance had not been kept. If your unit is leaking and is old as well, know that it is failing. In case you think it is too early for the unit to say goodbye, consider consulting an HVAC professional

-  Just like an outdated and unmaintained Furnace becomes a threat of carbon monoxide leakage, an outdated Boiler could become equally dangerous. The signs include discolouration of the flame; yellow flames on the gas burner or black soot on oil boilers.  

These are simple and easy to check signs that help homeowners discover about their Boiler unit's falling down the hill. All that is needed is a careful observation and maintenance, without which you'd never know of the problems your Boiler is going through.

Did you ever diagnose your Boiler yourself? What were the signs that you had checked for?