Indoor Pool Humidity - Problems and Fixes

Have a pool at home? You're fortunate. You can enjoy swimming anytime for as long as you want. But with fortune comes some misfortunes too and the misfortune associated with indoor pools is that their maintenance is not only crucial but also difficult. And the lack of maintenance leads to serious problems ranging from health issues to interior damage issues. We'll discuss today why and how you need to be overly cautious when you have a pool at home and to keep the right settings for it to remain a joy and not become a problem.

Pool and high humidity - The consequences

When there's a water body inside of your home, it will be evaporating water all the time. And the water droplets will rise and spread in the home increasing the indoor humidity. The rise in humidity will lead to;
- Discomfort for homeowners
- Damage to the interior or exterior of the house; wallpapers parching, dampness, spots on walls, damaging of decorations items etc
- Production and rapid spread of mould and spores
- High humidity when raises the moisture level in the air, also raises the chances of the spread of viruses and bacteria

Factors causing pool humidity

It is not the presence of the pool that creates problems, rather the improper presence and the lack of maintenance that does. For example; check out the following causes; 

- Improper building material
When a house is constructed with a design to add a pool in it, it is crucial to use the most compatible type of building material needed. In the case of houses with pools, the material suggested is the material that could prevent condensation within the walls of the house since this would lead to the production of mould and other problems.

- Not installing an adequate ventilation system
It is crucial to install an adequate ventilation system in all homes but particularly in homes where there are pools. The proper ventilation will let the moist air out before it could harm the indoor or causes discomfort for the homeowners.

- Dehumidification - Much needed Air Conditioners do offer dehumidification but there are two things to note;
- You need to set your Air Conditioner to the settings where it could offer the best dehumidification; Fan at ''Auto''
- Your AC may not be sufficient to dehumidify the indoor air because the humidity the pool creates is too much. In this case, you are required to install a separate dehumidifier.

How to maintain a fair balance in humidity with a pool at home?

The relative humidity level should in no case exceed 60%. You should strive to maintain humidity level somewhere between 40%-60%. With a pool at home, it is difficult but the following steps can help;

- Set the pool temperature two degrees lower than the air temperature. This will decrease evaporation which will consequently decrease the moisture
- Consider installing a good quality dehumidifier preferably a whole home dehumidifier
- Make sure you have a proper ventilation system and that the humidity is not causing problems in the indoor which may not be visible to you at the moment

In the end, a bonus for you; so how would you know about the level of humidity in your indoor? If you have a Smart Thermostat installed, congratulations. It can give you the reading of the indoor humidity level and can also track the data for you. In case you're still running an old model, installing a Smart Thermostat could be the right investment for you to continue enjoying all joys without having to make any compromise on your comfort.

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