How to stop bugs from making your HVAC unit their home?

Bugs won't ask you before making their homes in your HVAC units. They just will as soon as they find that the location is perfectly suitable for them. And once they make a home there, they won't only stay there, they will extend their residencies creating problems for your indoor comfort and of course for your units as they will have a hard time performing with optimal efficiency with all the bucks of bugs stuck to them.

Fill in the gaps

Just like the pests and reptiles enter your home through those holes and gaps near windows and doors, the pests that make HVAC units their home also look for any holes and gaps to enter. For this, make sure that everything is tightly fit and no loopholes are left near the units particularly the outdoor units. Fill in the gaps using porcelain, foam or simply some pieces of cloth. 

Dirty ductwork does the damage

A dirty ductwork can do more damage than you think it can. Dirty ducts are also one of the favourite places of the bugs. Since they have a whole lot of space to accommodate therein, they can extend their family and then the large families will enter your units. Usually, bugs go into your ductwork through the leaks or the loose fittings. Check the ductwork thoroughly or call a professional to inspect the ductwork for any leaks and holes. Fix the leaks but make sure the duct is also cleaned along with this. 

Clean around the outdoor units

One of the primary reasons why bugs are attracted to HVAC units is the presence of something around them that attracts them. Usually, grass or flowers or vegetation around the outdoor units attracts bugs. They then find ways to enter your units and there they go! New residence!

Add screens to outdoor vents

Screenless outdoor vents are also one of the common reasons for bugs entering the ductwork and HVAC units. Mesh screens are available at reasonable prices. Purchase one and it can help add to your comfort.

Use recommended sprays

We do suggest using sprays to keep bugs away but only the recommended sprays. Please don't use bug killers of your choice because you can end up harming the unit in an attempt to do so. Use instead, those sprays that are recommended by HVAC professionals or are manufactured specially for the purpose of using on or around the HVAC units. 

Covering the units

Covering is a great way to help keep bugs away. Since the units that are being used can't be covered, this strategy can be used for units of offseason. For example, cover your AC outdoor and indoor units in winters and similarly cover the Furnace in Summers.

Using these tips, you can not only protect your HVAC units against the nasty bugs but also from animals that can severely damage the units. For example; dogs and cats; their urine can corrode the metal of your outdoor units.
Did you find this post useful? What ways do you use to keep bugs away from HVAC units?