Role of heating and air conditioning in home comfort

For the overall health and happiness, the importance of your home comfort heating and cooling system cannot be neglected. There are certain factors which contribute to creating a perfect indoor environment including air quality, humidity, and air temperature. Read on to know how these elements collectively optimize the comfort of your home.

Optimal Temperature

Ensuring optimum temperatures at night will allow you to get a better night's sleep and save energy cost simultaneously. Temperatures should fall in the range of 21 to 23 degrees Celsius during the heating season when the members of the household are in the home and awake. When occupants are asleep or away, it is recommended between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius.

Air Humidity

The air humidity level can affect your home comfort as well as your heating or air conditioning unit's proper functioning. If humidity somehow becomes the major hurdle of your home comfort; then consider a humidifier or dehumidifier as per your home’s requirements.

Air Quality

To protect the health of household members, indoor air quality is extremely important. Mold, fungi, bacteria, pollen, and spores are the major pollutants. This is how you can protect yourself from the unhealthy air: - Avoid exercising or spending time outside when the pollution level is high. - Refrain everyone to smoke indoor and use precautionary measures to keep your nearby area tobacco-free. - Go for the electric lawn care equipment and avoid using gasoline-powered machinery. - Don’t exercise near high traffic areas and try to use less electrical energy since more energy consumption will lead to bad air quality.

Proper Air circulation

Using your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is one of the easiest ways for air circulation. You can do this by setting the "fan only" option to your system. This system allows passing indoor air through the filter system. You can also use ceiling fans in your place which effectively move air around the room.

Professional Duct Cleaning

Professional cleaning of your home air ducts also protects your health and energy costs. Many nasty things such as dust, cobwebs, fungus, and even mold can collect in your ductwork. Your furnace will need to work harder to filter and push clean air in your entire home with this waste piled up.

Smoke Detectors and Carbon-monoxide detectors:

It is recommended to have installed one carbon monoxide and smoke detector on each level of the home, especially near bedroom or sleeping areas to maintain an ideal comfort for your home and avoid unhappy accidents.

Wrapping up the article:

People spend so much money on household energy, particularly for heating and cooling homes. How much you spend is contingent upon the area you live and the length of the season. As per the recent Stats Canada survey, natural gas is being utilized by half of the households in Canada while timber usage is considered a secondary source to create an ideal ambience. But to keep your place cool or warm, make sure to choose wise steps which can save your cost and maintain the home comfort effectively.


What Is the Best Time to Get your Furnace Inspected

The ideal time to get your Furnace inspected is before the cold weather hits or after a full season of use –since most of the maintenance is based upon the issues that homeowners witness while using.
People think Furnace inspection is confined to flipping the Thermostat and cleaning or replacing the filters, but it involves a thorough and detailed inspection where a technician dives deep into inspecting all potential issues and resolves it before the neglected furnace costs thousands of dollars for repairs. The article covers important Q&A’s for furnace tune-up.

Why is it essential to have regular furnace tune-ups?

Very much like a car, if you don’t put serious consideration, the functionality of the car gets disturbed and many things tend to break down. Whenever you oil change a car, it prolongs the life of the vehicle and enhances the functionality. Furnace tuning also works on the same principle.
Furnace tune-up takes about 60 to 70 minutes to complete. No matter, if your furnace works perfectly, taking time out for the inspection, helps to save money and time in the long run. People often have a perception that if they put a new furnace at the home, then getting it inspected or maintained does not remain necessary. The truth is, regular maintenance preserves the longevity and maintains an extended manufacturer’s warranty.  Poor maintenance is the ultimate cause of the early replacement of the furnace. Furnace life expectancy can be between 10 to 15 years while the regular inspection tends to lengthen the duration.
Burning fuel in the furnace produces heat, and homeowners should ensure the system works efficiently. A minor problem can potentiate the gas leakage which can be life-threatening. Carbon monoxide leakage is dangerous. Having regular tune-ups can detect these safety and health risks.


The benefits of regular Furnace Inspection:

Furnace tune-up is often not a top of mind for many homeowners. But with regular inspection and tune-up, you can enjoy a plethora of benefits.
·         The energy bill gets reduced up to 30%.
·         Your family stays safe and warm.
·         Your furnace can last longer since it prevents major breakdowns.

What to expect from a Furnace Inspection?

Qualified furnace technicians will conduct a diagnostic and safety checklist covering all aspects from CO emissions to Thermostats, fan operation,  gas leaks, and lubrication of all moving parts. A complete inspection is carried out to check that all of your furnace and duct systems are working properly. Any concerns at this stage will be addressed to the homeowners so they can take the necessary steps to resolve the problem.

Other ways to prolong the life of a Furnace:

Along with regular maintenance, you should ensure the following factors:
·         Replacing the filter right after three months.
·         Making sure the vents are not closed.
·         Checking thermostat and replacing the old battery with the new at regular intervals.

Interested in scheduling furnace maintenance? Contact us for a free quote. You will see how affordable professional furnace repairing and maintenance services can be.