If you've been using appliances at home that utilise kerosene, gasoline, charcoal, propane, natural gas, heating oil or wood without installing a carbon monoxide detector, you've been risking yours and your family's life all the way through. It is because a gas called Carbon Monoxide is a byproduct of almost all the above-mentioned fuels and if you didn't know it before, here's the shocking news for you that Carbon Monoxide is named the ''Silent Killer''. The reason for naming it with such a horrible title is its horrendous effects. Carbon Monoxide is intensely harmful to humans and other living beings. It mixes up with the haemoglobin and once goes worse ends up killing a person. But the even shocking thing is that you cannot suspect the presence of Carbon Monoxide since it is colourless, odourless and tasteless. So you never know, while you're reading this article, the gas might be around you. Are you feeling it? No! Because it kills silently.


How to protect yourself from the Silent Killer?

When there's a problem, there's necessarily a solution to it too. So how to protect yourself from the danger of CO? The solution is simpler than you could've imagined and that is; Install a CO detector. CO detector is basically a device that works similar to the smoke detectors. They're designed to sense a certain level of CO. When the detector/alarm senses that there's a presence of CO within the home, it beeps up and alarms you so you could hurry and save yourself. However, installing a detector is not enough. One has to maintain it well, and the two most important maintenance tips for CO detectors are:
  • Install them but then don't forget that they run on batteries. Change the batteries once every year at least.
  • Do not try to hide the detector behind curtains, sofas or any other furniture. This affects not only the operation of the device but also its lifetime.

Where to place the CO Detector/Alarm?

You do not necessarily have to call a tech to install the detector. Do some YouTubing and you're done. The placement of detector, however, is usually best at the ceiling and there's a reason for that: Smoke and gases rise up and therefore, the best location to trap their presence is the ceiling. But that is not a hard and fast rule. You can change the location depending on your ease provided that it is beyond the reach of children and pets, can operate properly and most importantly you could hear the alarm when it rings.
When we are awake it is easy to sense the ringing than when we're asleep. While we are prone to the danger more when we are in deep sleep, it is recommended to install the detector units somewhere close to the bedrooms so that its alarm could be heard easily even when you're sleeping.

Prevention is better than Cure - Install one now!

They say prevention is better than cure and they say it right. Every year, tens of families suffer due to CO poisoning. Many lose their lives just because of CO leaks at home that are mainly from Furnace or Gas Fireplace. So it is better to choose prevention than to be dragged for the cure later. CO detectors/alarms are inexpensive, easy to install, easy to maintain and yet life-saving. It is wise to install a Carbon Monoxide detector in order to avoid any unhappy incidents. Buy one now, install one now!
Stay Safe!

Happy home comfort!

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