People throughout Toronto use different ways for home cooling. While some prefer central Air Conditioners, other find Mini Splits or Ductless more suitable for them while some other prefer Window ACs and in rare cases, some love their ceiling fan enough to not replace it with anything else. All these different cooling techniques have been there for some time, however, in the recent years, Ductless Air Conditioners have become more popular. Several people have already converted to ductless and there are many who are looking to convert to Ductless Air Conditioners but want to make sure if this would be a right decision. We're mentioning commonly asked Ductless AC FAQ's to help homeowners get the answers and choose with ease.


FAQ1: Why is Ductless AC worth it?
What most homeowners ask it, why should they convert to Ductless? How would it actually benefit them in terms of efficiency and savings? Here's the answer:

* Ductless AC's are perfect for homes that are built without ducts. Installing a ductwork is both expensive and time-consuming. Ductless AC’s can work without any ducts.

* Ductless ACs are easy to install, easy to relocate and easy to repair. It's all easy here dude!
* Ductless not only cost less in initial purchase, they also help save up to 30% on energy bills yearly

* Hate noises? Purchase Ductless. It's a quiet kid.

* Ductless are more secure compared with Central ACs

FAQ2: What kind of maintenance Ductless ACs require?
When it comes to maintenance, nothing different than the Central Air Conditioner maintenance is required. Just like the filters and components of a central AC need to be cleaned, same goes for ductless ACs. The filters, the indoor, outdoor units need to be cleaned. pipes should be checked for any possible leaks and wires for any possible damages. That's all. Nothing complex.

FAQ3: What does SEER of an Air Conditioner mean?
SEER is an abbreviation of Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. It is a unit used to refer to Air Conditioner's efficiency and is measured on energy used and the cooling given in that much consumption of energy. The more the SEER value the better the efficiency of the Air Conditioner. 13 is the least value a ductless AC should have while the higher range goes up to 27-28 SEER

FAQ4: How are Ductless systems more efficient than  Central Air Conditioners?
The most convincing reason to install Ductless is that Ductless ACs don't require a duct which means 30% of energy does not get wasted which in the case of Duct ACs does. In addition, ducts are mostly not tightly installed and leaks take place which also contributes to energy loss. All these factors are not present in the Ductless system. It simply works without a ductwork saving 30% energy while also giving quick cooling.

So, do you have any other Air Conditioner questions? Are you bewildered to switch to Ductless Air Conditioner or not? Do you wish to fix your fatty energy bills problem? Here's the answer:
Consult an HVAC professional and have him inspect your system as well as your home requirements to suggest what is the best suitable to you. Remember, although Ductless AC's are what most people are turning to, there are still some homes where Duct ACs can work the best. So before you make a hefty investment, seek a professional suggestion.

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