All duct cleaning service providers are not equally responsible and trained. Talk to different companies and get the written statements before choosing a company. Ask them to come up with relevant state license, and whether they have experience on a system like yours. Make sure not to hire cleaners who assert unsubstantiated claims about health benefits and don't go for those who urge you to have cleaning as the routine part of the heating and cooling system. Here we present SUGGESTIONS for choosing a reliable duct cleaning service provider and ways to determine if the service provider did an excellent job.

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What to Expect from a duct cleaning service provider:

- Duct cleaner should open ports and doors to ensure the every part be cleaned and inspected.
- Before thorough cleaning, ensuring there are no asbestos-containing materials. A heating system containing asbestos-containing particles like register boots insulation requires specialized procedures that can only be executed by the trained technician.
- The technician should employ the HEPA (high-efficiency particle air ) if the vacuum exhaust into the living room or use ordinary equipment to exhaust outside the home.
- They must own well-controlled brushes to dislodge dust particles
- Stricktly follow the NADCA’s rules and standards during air duct cleaning.

Can we prevent duct contamination?

Whether you are inclined to hire a duct service provider or not, but it is mandatory to follow the preventive maintenance program to mitigate the chances of duct contamination.
Here are the proven ways to stop dirt from entering the system.
- Replace air filters regularly.
- If the filters become clogged, change, or clean them more frequently.
- During construction or renovation, consider sealing off return registers and supply of the system.
- Promptly repair leaks or water damage. 

How To Determine if cleaner did a good job?

If a cleaner cleans the ducts, you may not know how to determine if he did the right job. Thorough visual inspection is the best way to verify the cleanliness of the system - all part of the system should be visibly cleaned, and there should not be debris visible with the naked eye.

We recommend providing a post-cleaning consumer checklist to the cleaners. The checklist will have several questions that the service provider answers after completing the job. If they answer “NO” to any of the questions on the list, this shows that have not performed a satisfactory job.

Sample Template of Post Cleaning Consumer Checklist

Did the service provider thoroughly clean air ducts, air pans, fans, and humidifiers?

The exchange heat surface has thoroughly been cleaned? 

Both sides of the cooling coil have no visible debris?

Coil drain pan is clean and drains water properly?

Does the return air plenum possess no visible debris?

Has internal ductwork professionally been cleaned?

Registers, Grilles, diffusers are attached again to the walls, fans or ceiling?

Is the system working correctly after cleaning in both heating and cooling modes? 

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