Usually, the noise and odour problem in the typical Central/Duct Air Conditioners are attributed to the duct system itself which harbours dust and debris, mould and spores. These elements in the duct later become the source of loathsome odours and irritating noises as the components get clogged and the airflow is hindered. But since the ductless system does not have a duct, why do these units too produce the same issues? In this blog, we shall explain why the Ductless Air Conditioners develop noises and odours. Simple DIY solutions shall also be discussed.

Ductless Air Conditioner noises and odours - Toronto

Odourous Split Air Conditioner - Fix it!


The cause of a split unit giving odours, as it is turned on is the dirt developed inside of it. As you might already know that a ductless operates on the principle of pulling the warm indoor air outside, treating it with the condenser (which result in condensing the air and turning the warm air into liquid) and sending the cool air back into the indoor. Since the air is not generated by the AC, it is the indoor air which is full of dust and debris that keeps going in and out. Although there are filters installed in the system, these filters do not trap all dirt. As a result, this dirt goes and sticks back into the compressor unit components. Also, the liquid of condensation sometimes does not get drained because of clogged condensate line. As a result, mould is developed. So every time, a cycle of air is treated to be circulated back in the indoor, all these odours also go along with that air. And it is for this reason that every time the AC is turned on, a very detestable odour is circulated in the indoor.


You might already have discovered the solution.
i. Clean/replace the AC filters
ii. Also, use a hose (of not a very high pressure) and clean the condenser unit as well so as to clear all the dirt
iii. Check the condensate line and clear it if found clogged 

Noisy Split Air Conditioner - Fix it! 


Split Air Conditioners usually have very unfelt operational noise. Many latest models have almost no operation noise at all. But even the split units can become extremely noisy and when they do, they can keep you as well as your neighbours awake. The most common reasons for the noisy unit are;

- Loose cabinet: Since the compressor unit vibrates as it operates, the nuts keeping the cabinet together are loosened. As a result, they vibrate and bang with their closes part causing a noise. 

- Bent or clogged blade: A clogged fan blade could be another reason for the noise. But in case you have serviced the unit only recently, there are chances that the fan blade has been bent. 

- Use a torchlight to see if the components inside are clogged. Sometimes, especially when the outdoor unit is not covered during intense weathers, the components develop hard clogs. They still work with those clogs but not without causing big bang sounds. Consider giving a clean up to the unit. 


- Tighten the screws of the cabinet if found loose
- Check the blade for clogs and using a medium pressure water pipe, clean it
- Thoroughly clean the entire unit, so that all clogs go away

How often do you experience noise and odour problems in your Ductless Air Conditioner? How do you fix them? And how often do you have to spend a massive sum on these petty issues.

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