With the arrival of winters when days and nights start getting colder, people usually prefer to
carry out the function of their furnaces; particularly Canadians whose most favourite home heating element is nothing but furnace. The problem; however, arises when homeowners feel their Furnace is not working properly and look out for HVAC help to resolve the issue or consider minimizing the issue by applying various DIY techniques.

This blog is dedicated to the solutions to common Furnace problems. But before going into finding the solutions to the problems, we must also throw some light on the most common problems residential furnaces face. Below are some of the most common issues which the furnaces usually face. Their solutions will also be discussed.

Heating problem - Check circuit breaker 

If the furnace is not performing the basic function of producing heat, you might consider checking the Thermostat. If the thermostat is already set to heating then the probable reason for non-functioning is that some fuse is broken. Check if the circuit breaker controlling the Furnace is in the ON position. If this does not help, the problem is in the wiring of the circuit.

Compromised Air Flow - Try cleaning the filters

In case the furnace is working but not producing enough heat and there’s a compromised air flow, ensure that the air filter is clean. This is one of the most essential components of the HVAC system and requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Dirty filters compromise the air flow and burden the system. So if a compromised air flow is felt, make sure you check the air filters and if found dirty, immediately clean/replace them.

Ignition problem - Replace damaged ignitor 

The ignition problem results in decreasing the capacity of the furnace to produce heat. This
problem is common in gas furnaces operating with a thermocouple. For instant resolution of the
issue, inspect the ignitor. In case it is damaged, change it. If this DIY doesn't help, consider calling a professional for help since this portion of the Furnace requires some professionalism and technical knowledge and excessive DIY can result in creating further issues.

Continuous cycling problem - Check filter and Thermostat

A frequently turning ON and OFF Furnace is a sign of trouble. It can be caused by a dirty and old air filter that needs replacement or an improperly programmed Thermostat. Check both.

Noisy blower - Oil it! 

A slight operational noise is normal for a Furnace and how does a normal noise sounds like, you know very well. When an unusual noise from the blower unit is felt, it is most possibly because of the friction in the components. Oil the blower fan for a quick resolve.

Dampness around the unit 

The Furnace unit may develop moisture and eventually dampness around it. Water leaks from the Humidifier connected to the ductwork may as well result in dampness and consequently short-circuiting. To resolve this, dry the unit and its surroundings properly by first switching the system off. If the problem persists, call a professional.

What are the Furnace problems that you frequently face and what are the DIY's you use to resolve them? 

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