The good thing about the whole home heating appliance, Residential Furnace is that it supports multiple fuel types. As per your feasibility, you can choose to have your Furnace run on natural gas, on propane, on oil or even can enjoy furnace operation over electricity with the Electric Furnaces. The effectivity, affordability and range of the above-mentioned fuels vary from people to people and area to area. A certain fuel may be suitable for you but not for your grandma's house who lives in another type of environment and locality. It is, therefore, important that we know about all the possibly supported fuel types so that we end up choosing the most efficient one for our home. This blog is dedicated to learning about Furnace Oil.

What actually is Furnace Oil?

Furnace Oil is basically distillate oil; i.e Oil that is formed by the process of distillation. The biggest benefit that this oil offers is that it has a high BTU content that results in high efficiency.Let us ready the detailed benefits of Furnace Oil:

- Safety First!

Did you hear about the accidents that take place every now and then because of gas leakage? Furnace oil takes this kind of accidents out of the equation and provides safer operation. It is a combustible but non-explosive fuel. Take a breath of relief!

- Durability destined

With a good quality Furnace oil, a Furnace can last as long as up to 30 years which means it offers longer appliance durability than its competitor fuels that last 15-20 years maximum.

- Cleanliness promised!

Tired of the soot, blackening and odour that other fuels produce? Distillate Furnace Oil takes away these worries as well. With the type of quality that they are produced today, they are much cleaner than they once used to be back in the past. No odour, no soot, no dirt! 

- Faster heating guaranteed

Compared with natural gas, oil burns 300 degrees hotter which ensure prompt and better heating of the indoors.

- Economical always!

The economic factor of oil as Furnace fuel varies from time to time. There were times when oil rates were extremely high but they dropped after that making oil as an affordable and economical fuel. Today, the abundance and overall economical rates of oil make oil a totally economical fuel type.

Now that we have mentioned the advantages that the Furnace oil offers, we also want you to learn about the disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that using a Furnace oil as a fuel, you are dependant on the prices of oil and home heating can become very expensive for you if the oil prices suddenly rise. Other disadvantages include;
* Spilling of oil tank can make cleaning a hard to do job while will also pollute environment
* Oil Furnace require electricity to operate
Are you planning to convert your Furnace fuel? And are interested to know how would it go and what would it cost? Go on! Think of all the questions that you have and call us today to learn in detail about the best Furnace fuel for your home and how to go for fuel conversion.
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