So how much do you like to save and how many ways of saving do you use? Must be more than many. Money is earned with efforts and no sane man ever wants to waste his hard earned money on things where savings can be made easily. Take for instance the example of Thermostats. Technology is advancing and it is providing us with improved appliances that are not only time saving but are also money saving. By sticking to the old methods of heating and cooling, you could be choosing to waste hundreds of dollars that you are otherwise capable of saving. The Mercury Thermostat were once the only option but as said; technology is offering us with more than many choices. The Touch Screen Programmable Thermostats and then the latest of all, WIFI/Smart Thermostats have revolutionised the concept of control. Did you know that shifting to the /WIFI Smart Thermostats can reduce your energy bills this Winter 15%-20%?
Let's us talk in detail how can Smart Thermostats be a gigantic magnet to attract savings and why you should shift to this technology this Winter.

Wifi Thermostats

Wifi Thermostat - How it works

Before you explore the benefits of the WIFI Thermostats, get to know how they operate. A WIFI Thermostat, unlike the manual thermostats, does not require manual settings. WIFI Thermostats are capable of sensing your temperature behaviours and automatically adjust themselves according to that. Since they incorporate high-quality sensors, they turn the Thermostat up/down depending on the outside temperature that helps save amazingly. In addition to that, what makes the WIFI Thermostats a favourite of homeowners is the WIFI mechanism that allows control from anywhere in the world. Literally anywhere.

Here's why you should go for Smart Thermostats

  • Saving right away

It is true that in order to shift to a better technology, you'll have to make investment generously but with special reference to the Smart Thermostats, it is also true that your investment will begin to benefit you right away. The difference can be seen on monthly bills every month and in no more than a year, all of what you've spent will be returned. Moreover, since Smart Thermostats with the genius technology that they incorporate, reduce the extravagant use of appliances, they contribute to increasing appliance lifetimes and reducing their courses of repairs.

  • More options more comfort

With the conventional Thermostats, you are not granted with enough choices. Either it is about switching between certain temperature options or switch between any two temperatures. Weather of Canada remains highly unpredictable and changes that occur are hard to tackle with limited temperature options. WIFI Thermostats give you an open wide way to go. You can switch between as many temperatures, can change them anytime from anywhere and even can get notifications regarding any emergency Thermostat switching off situations.

  • Data Collection and behaviour learning

So how does a Thermostat know at what time you want a particular temperature and automatically change temperature as you leave for office when you never programmed it to do so? It is because WIFI/Smart Thermostats keep track. They collect data and keep it saved. This data helps them in automation but this data also helps you to keep a track of your energy consumptions so as to make more energy saving possible for you.

When it comes to heating and cooling appliances, our major concern is; comfort and savings. WIFI/Smart Thermostats offer both. Keeping in view the above-mentioned benefits, it seems that you should better go for one of the latest models of Smart Thermostats but hold on! Here's a thing we want you to know; Smart Thermostats are not compatible with all sorts of HVAC systems. Before you make a purchase, make sure to consult an HVAC professional on whether or not this technology is supported by your system.  

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