Before we move on to the reasons of why it is benefiting to install an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) system at home, it is imperative to learn what actually an HRV system does. So let's explore how a Heat Recovery Ventilation system works.

The main purpose of an HRV system is to keep the home ventilated without wasting energy. In Winters, people prefer to keep doors and windows closed so that the indoor heat doesn't get wasted. Similarly, in intense Summers, the house is kept tightly packed to not let the outdoor heat enter the home. This is not a bad practice as far as capturing of warmth or losing it is concerned. But unfortunately, we need something more than warmth. A properly ventilated home is what brings a home like experience. Today, homes are built tightly packed. Then, insulation adds to the packing and there is left little to no room for ventilation. Unventilated homes can not only cause suffocation, odor, production of molds and spores but can also promote a totally unhealthy environment. To sit fit with homes of the millennium, HRV is a device that helps. It makes ventilation possible without any loss of heat, that too without opening any windows and doors.
Heat Recovery Ventilation System

In a heat recovery ventilation unit, there are two ducts.One duct is for carrying cool and fresh air from the outside towards inside of the home. While at the same time, the other duct carries warm and stale air from the inside of the home towards the outside, a bit similar to the exhaust fan. Both these ducts amalgamate at a point where the inside air shifts its energy to the incoming air, making it warmer. This particular unit is the primary part of an HRV where the most important function takes place and is called a heat exchanger. Once the energy is shifted, the incoming cool air automatically becomes warm to give a soothing indoor experience. This way, not only that the warmth does not get wasted but also the home gets proper ventilation.

Benefits of HRV system

Now that you know how the system works, it is the time to discover the benefits of it. Ready steady, here we go!

Recycles Energy

Recycling is a wonderful thing. Recycling wastes little to nothing and the thing/source is utilized in an equally effective manner again. In the case of HRV systems, the heat gets recycled and is recovered back to home, this time with an amalgamation with fresh and healthy air. One reason to go for HRV system installation is its effectivity to keep the home warm in all seasons, minimizing energy bills and a limited use of heating/cooling appliances while also providing sufficient ventilation.

Counters excessive humidity and its consequences

In addition to providing fresh air, an HRV system by providing proper ventilation reduces the excessive moisture and condensation in the home that can contribute to the production of molds and spores and also affect the home's interior. There are several homeowners in Toronto who come up with problems of excessive humidity or moisture due to basement flooding that they fail to combat. For such people, installing HRV systems is the best option since proper ventilation throughout the home reduces all such consequences of moisture and combats excessive moisture too.

Counters CO poisoning

Our homes are tightly packed today while we're also using appliances like Furnaces, Gas Fireplaces and others that produce Carbon Monoxide as a by-product. Homes that are not properly ventilated fail to exhaust poisonous gasses in case they're produced as a result of pipe leakage or vent damages. This could be a serious threat and cause fire since the lack of ventilation let the gasses circulate within the home. HRV system reduces such accidental possibilities.

Bottom Line

Keeping in view the above-mentioned benefits, it seems convincing to install an HRV system particularly if you have a non-ventilated or well insulated home. Although the installation of an HRV system is costly, it's benefits are also enough rewarding too and help save in a long run.
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