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It's a Furnace here. A dumped and abandoned one, though. Wanted to share my life story with you to tell you how irresponsible and cruel people behave when it comes to treatment with the non-living things like us.

It was a cold afternoon in the midst of January when a customer with red bushy moustaches came to buy a Furnace from the store. I was also standing along with other Furnaces in a row when he began to examine every single one of us. It was, in fact, the time to for one of us to go. After taking careful looks on different models of different companies, he came walking towards me. My heart was pounding. It was not that I was afraid of being bought. We'd, in fact, get happy whenever one of us was sold because it would then be turned on to work and that's what we furnaces feel pleasure in. I wasn't scared to be sold but it was the red bushy moustached buyer I was feeling scared of. As I was thinking this, he came close to me, kept circling around me for a few minutes and then suddenly bashed a tough hand on my side, telling the store owner that he wants me. I was confused whether to feel happy or not. Pressing my doubts, I convinced myself to be happy for being chosen.

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From leaving the store to installation:


The man who was going to be my new master paid for me and took me home. It was a small apartment where he used to live with his large family. I was placed in a corner for a few days. This gave me a happy feel. It was because I was expecting that a professional technician will now install me. But, No! Not all dreams come true. After 3 days when it was Sunday and the master had an off day, he took out his toolkit and initiated the process of installation. Could you imagine, he did not even read the user guide. I had my heart broken into pieces. Several thousand pieces in fact. After almost 3 hours of right and wrong placements, he finally rubbed hands which was an indication that he's done with installation. But who could know better than me that the installation was faulty? Much faulty. Alas! That was just the beginning, there was worse to come.

The red bushy moustached man did not do the right installation. I knew this from the very first day. This became clear when there started a gas leakage after a few days. I'm not sure why the sense of smell of the whole family was so weak that none of them realised their furnace pipes have leakage issues. I was not able to work properly but I still tried my best.

More maltreatments with me - The Furnace:


Had it been just the installation flaws, I would have shown patience but the gruesome behaviours continued. The kids would keep turning me on and off. Sometimes, I was kept working for several hours continuously which would shake every organ of mine. There's a limit of everything humans!

I always prayed that whosoever buys me, may he keep me clean and tidy both from inside and outside so that I don't feel sick. But as said earlier, not all dreams come true. It was a pathetic experience when it came to cleaning. They never cleaned my filters, not my blower. Ever! Eventually, after just a few months I was filled with dust and debris and had extreme coughing too but their sense of hearing, just like their sense of smell was also weak.

Every time I would stop working, they'd turn me off for some time and restart after giving some shakes. No cleaning, no maintenance, no care. I remembered whenever a customer would come to my store master, he'd explain to him how important is maintenance for furnaces. And I'm sure everybody considered his suggestions since they would not come to buy new Furnaces soon. But this red moustached man and his family, huh! What a bad luck I was given.

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The drop scene: 


How long could this continue? I was turned off when Winters finished without cleaning and then as the intensely cold winters in Canada began the next year, the family again wanted my warmth. Unfortunately, they were not ready to do anything for me. They thought paying for me was the ultimate favour they did.  After working for just one month in that home that Winters, I felt myself fainting. Don't know what exactly happened. Maybe all my organs had failed. I tried like I always did to show some courage and work again but it was of no use this time. It was The End for me. And I knew no technician will now be able to fix me up. When the homeowners started feeling cold, they called for a home comfort heating and cooling service, Cosmopolitan Mechanical, but they told, I am damaged beyond repair due to excessive usage and no maintenance. The master gave a twist to his moustaches and said, ''Okay, then help us dump this Furnace''. Listening to this, I  wish I could cry an ocean but I was lifeless. I was then taken away and was dumped. Down down down.

Sincere suggestions:


This was not just my story. It happens with countless other furnaces and other heating and cooling appliances that happen to end up with careless homeowners who do not consider taking professional installation and then ignore the most important factor of appliances maintenance. If you're reading this post and you have a furnace or planning to buy one, I would beg you to consider these suggestions from a dumped and abandoned device;

1. Always make Furnace Installations taking professional technical support.
2. Maintain your furnace well.
3. Don't delay if the furnace needs repair.
4. Clean or replace the filters every time they are clogged with dirt.
5. Strictly follow the user guide.

And most importantly; if you do not understand how to deal with your sick furnace, please do make sure to call licensed technical support. It’s not just good for your device but also good for you. Trust me, being a little responsible and careful with your home comfort heating and cooling appliances will save you money, energy and time. 

A dumped Furnace (with tears)

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